06 DECEMBER 2020


BTBU-ECOSF Joint Training   Center  that  recognizes the enormous potential of  Special Economic Zones (SEZs) as the driving forces of industrialization, infrastructure development, employment, trade and economic growth of the member countries of the Economic Cooperation Organization will hold two-day virtual trainings on management and development of special economic zones on December 22-23, 2020 within the initiative of “One Belt, One Road”.

Those wishing to participate in the training can register at http://ecosf.org/signup.aspx until December 17, 2020. After registration, you will be informed about access to the ZOOM link.

Note: Economic Cooperation Organization Science Foundation together with Beijing University of Technology and Business has established a joint Training Center (BTBU-ECOSF) in Beijing at the initiative of the “One Belt, One Road” alliance within the framework of science, technology and economic cooperation. The main goal of the training center is to create a human resource service platform and develop interdisciplinary  and inter subjects  international training programs to promote the common goals of Chinese enterprises and participating countries at the initiative of the “One Belt, One Road” alliance.

 Training program