FB_IMG_xaver_xaricicandidate of philology, S/t. Hajiyeva Khavar Dadash

I, Hajiyeva Khavar Dadash was born in Baku city on March 29, 1957. I studied at Institute of foreign languages in 1974-1979. After the I got the education, I worked only on the position of the teacher.

I have worked as head teacher at Foreign languages sub-faculty since 1997.

I made candidate dissertation on the topic of “State language and ethno-lingual matters”

At present I continue to work at Foreign languages sub-faculty of UNEC on the position of the Docent of the sub-faculty.


I am the member of scientific council of the faculty (IER), the chairman of trade union of the faculty. I have been elected the bureau member of trade union since May 2017.

I am the author of 4 books, about 40 articles, 1 monography, 1 program.

I am married: have got 2 children and 4 grandchildren.


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