The unforgettable day for the UNEC staff from Farhad Badalbayli


The prominent pianist, the rector of the Baku Music Academy  named after U.Hajicıbeyli, the People’s Artist, professor Farhad Badalbeyli gave the concert with the special program for the UNEC staff at the Azerbaijan State Philormoic Hall named after M. Magomayev.  rmoniyasında kollektivi üçün xüsusi konsert proqramı ilə çıxış edib.

Before the concert the rector of UNEC, the professor Adalat Muradov expressed his gratitude towards  Farhad Badalbayli, the lively coryphaeus enriching the Azerbaijani musical art, national singng school, and continuing its traditions for his attention to the UNEC staff.

In the concert the People’s Artist had been accompanied by the Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra named after U. Hajibeyli. In the second part of the concert, the pianist, the People’s Artist  Murad Adigozelzadeh along with F. Badalbayli had performed, as well.  In the concert, realized by the artistic leadership of  the People’s Artist Yalçın Adıgozelov and the young band director Fuad Ibrahimov the works of George Gershvin and Sergey Rakhmaninov had been performed.

The professor, teacher and the students of UNEC were greatly impressed and delighted with the concert program.

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