Haciyeva Marif__ (1)

Hajiyeva Maarifa Huseyn

She was born in Gedebey in November 1933.

In 1953 she entered the Pedagogical College in Khanlar region and graduated with honors in 1957. That year he entered the History and Philology Faculty of   Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute;

In 1962 she graduated with honors.

Since 1968 she has been working at the department of “Azerbaijani Language” of   Institute of National Economy of Azerbaijan (now Azerbaijan State Economic University).

She defended her   dissertation in 1970 and her   doctoral dissertation in 1990. She is doctor of Philology, Professor.

Under the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated September 26, 2011, she   was awarded the honorary title of “honorary teacher”   for her contribution to the development of education in Azerbaijan.



She is the author of 28 books (textbooks, training aids, scientific monographs, scientific-methodical materials), more than 250 scientific and methodical articles.

She   has three children.

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