Reshad hazirliq shobesi_

Born in 1985in Beylagan region. Studied at the secondary school of Beylagan region in 1991-2002.

Graduated Bachelor’s degree of Azerbaijan State Economic University in 2002-2006. Finished Master degree of ASEU in 2006-2008. Graduated full time doctorate of ASEU in 2011-2014.

In 2007-2014, he worked as a teacher with hourly wage at the regulation of the economy department of the ASEU.

In 2007-2014, he took active part in the preparation for the master’s degree at the Faculty of Preparation, and taught the logic in the first stage of entrance exams to master’s level provided by the SSAC (Student Services Advisory Committee), and GMAT and mathematics on MBA program in the second stage of the admission to the master’s level. At the same time, he has been actively involved in the preparation of the test questions and seminars of the SSAC.

Head of the Preparation department since2014.

More than 10scientific papers have been published in Azerbaijan, Russia and Georgia.

Married, has got one child.

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