Dr of Econ.,Prof. Mustafayeva Nazila Mustafa

Mustafayeva Nazile Mustafa kizi was born in Baku in 1950.

After finishing the secondary school she entered the School of “National Economy and Planning” of Azerbaijan Institute of the National Economy named after D.Bunyadzade. She graduated from the institute in 191 with the specialty “Planning of the National Economy”.

In 1973 she was recruited for the Economic Institute of the NAA as a junior scientist. She defended her Candidate’s paper on “Distribution and re-distribution of national income in terms of Confederate Republic” in 1983.


In 1989 she was appointed a senior scientist.

She became a senior scientist on “Political Economics” by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1994. On May 27 2009 N.M.Mustafayeva supported her doctoral dissertation on “The Problems of Economic Grows and Macro-economic Proportions in Azerbaijan Republic”.

She is married, has got two children.

List of scientific works