biz_reshadDr of E., Prof. Muradov Rashad Shahbaz oghlu

Muradov Rashad Shahbaz oghlu was born on April 28 1966 in Baku, Azerbaijan.


1973-1975 – Primary school №240 of Nasimi district, Baku

1975-1983 – Secondary school №20 of Nasimi district, Baku


1989-1991 – Azerbaijan State Economic University (former Azerbaijan Institute of the National Economy), the hair of “Political Economy”, senior laboratory assistant

1992-1995 – Azerbaijan State Economic University, the Chair of “Political Economy”, senior teacher

1996-2002 – Azerbaijan State Economic University, the Chair of “Political Economy”, Assistant Professor

2003-2013 – Azerbaijan State Economic University, Professor at the Chair “Business Administration”

R.Sh.Muradov is the author of about 90 scientific works, as well as 5 books, monographs, training aids and lots of training programs about the topical problems of the national economy.


He studied in the University of Dublin, Republic of Ireland within the framework of the TACIS Program in 1993-1994.

R.Sh.Muradov also got education in the University of Amsterdam, Kingdom of Netherland within the framework of TACIS Program within 1996-1998.

He is currently a Professor of UNEC Department of Business Administration.


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