nazar_samiraCand.of Econ.Assoc.Prof. Abbasova Samira Tahmaz

Abbasova Samira Tahmaz kizi was born in 1963.

She graduated with honors from the Institute of the National Economy of Azerbaijan named after D.Bunyadzade with the specialty planning industry in 1985.

Within 1989-1997 she served as a junior scientist, 1997-2000 a teacher at the University of Odlar Yurdu (Land of Fires), 2000-2001 a teacher at ASUE, 2001-2004 a senior teacher, 2004-2006 acting Associate Professor and since 2006 an Associate Professor of the Department.


S.Abbasova supported her dissertation on “Formation of Entrepreneurship during the Transition Period and Emergence of New Social Environment” in 2001.

An Associate Professor S.Abbasova always fulfils the scientific-research work determined in the plan. The scientific-research carried out by her is usually close to the Economy of our Republic. She takes active part in public affairs of the Department.

S.Abbasova is married, has got two children.


List of scientific works