Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Babayev  Azer Alim

He was born on May 19, 1966 in Baku.

In 1983 he entered Azerbaijan Institute of National Economy named after D.Bunyadzade (now Azerbaijan State   University of Economics).

He served in military service in 1984-1986.

In 1986-1989, he continued his education at the faculty of “Finance and Credit” of the Baku Branch of   Leningrad Finance and Economics Institute named after N. V Voznesensky.

In 1989, he graduated from the same institute with honors and got   an economist degree.

After graduating from high school, he continued his postgraduate study and was sent to  Leningrad  Finance and Economics Institute named after N.V.  Voznesensky by the decision   of the Scientific Council of the Baku Branch of LFEI.

In 1989-1990 he was a trainee of the department of “Money circulation and credit” of Leningrad   State      University,  and in 1990-1993 he was a post-graduate student of the same department.

In 1994 he defended his dissertation on the specialty 08.00.10 – “Finance, money circulation and credit” of the St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance, and was awarded the scientific degree of candidate of economic sciences.



From September 1, 1994 he works at the department of “Banking   and money circulation” (later “Banking”) of  Azerbaijan State   Institute of Economics (present Azerbaijan State University of   Economics).

In   2000 -2017, he worked as an assistant professor at the department of “Banking” and “Finance and Financial Institutions”.

At present he is the assistant professor of the chair “Economics” (Russian) of UNEC.

He is the author of numerous methodological, scientific-methodical publications, scientific articles and theses. He is one of the co-authors of the textbooks on the subjects such as “Money, Credit and Banks”, “Money and Banks”, “Securities Market”.

He has repeatedly participated in improvement of professional skills, training and development programs organized by country and international organizations.

He was awarded with the Honorary Decree of the Board of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan № T-393 of 27/09/2011.

He is married and  has two children.