nazar_saidaCand.of Econ.Assos.Prof. Babayeva Saida Jabi

Babayeva Saida Jabi kizi was born in Baku in 1971.

She studied at the secondary school within 1978-1988. In 1988 she entered the “Planning and Economics” school of Baku branch Leningrad Financial Economic Institute named after Voznesenski and graduated from Azerbaijan State University of Economics in 1993.

She served as an economist, senior economist in a small enterprise “Gizil Torpag”(Golden Land).


In 1995 she worked as a teacher at the Department of “General Economy” of BSICRC. In 2000 she became a senior teacher of ASUE. Since 2006 she is a Candidate of Economics and serves as an Assistant Professor since 2010.

S.J.Babayeva is married, has got two children.

List of scientific works