Candidate of economic sciences, associate professor, Mustafayeva Gulshan Mustafa

She was born on April 24, 1949 in Baku.

In 1970, she graduated from   Azerbaijan   Institute of National Economy   named after   D. Bunyadzade (now Azerbaijan State   University of Economics).

In 1977 she defended her dissertation at Moscow Plekhanov Institute. She   is a candidate of   economic sciences.



In 1978 she worked as a senior lecturer. But since 1990 she has worked as an associate professor.

She has been as an   associate professor of “Management” department of Azerbaijan State   University   of Economics until   2017, and since September, 2017 she is the associate professor of “Economics” department of Russian   School   of Economics of UNEC.

50 articles and theses of   hers   were published in the country and abroad.

She   is married, has two children and  a  grandchild.