nazar_ziyadCand.of Econ.Assos.Prof. Seyidov Ziyad Miraziz

Seyidov Ziyad Miraziz oghlu was born On April 7 1950 in Aghbulagh village of Krasnoselo region of Armenia SSR.

In 1958 he went to school at the same village but finished the school in Ashaghi-Ayibli village of Tovuz region in 1968.

He served at the Military Army in 1969-1971.

In 1972 he entered the pre-graduate course of AINE and completed it successfully. The he was admitted to the School of “Political Economics”.


After the graduation in1978 he was appointed to the Department of “Political Economics” of the Institute of the Russian Language and Literature named after M.F.Akhundov by the Ministry of Education.

He supported his Candidate’s paper in 1991. Z.M.Seyidov is the author of about 28 scientific works, 5 of them are methodological aids and one is training program.

He was awarded with the honorary titles and certificates of approval during his activity.
Since 2001 until present he is an Assoc.Professor of the Department “Economic Theory-1”.
He is married, has got two children.

List of scientific works