nazar_leylaCand.of Econ.Assos.Prof. Sultanova Leyla Rahim

Sultanova Leyla Rahim kizi was born on June 5 1970 in Baku.

She completed school №160 in 1987 and entered Azerbaijan State University of Economics. She graduated from the University with the specialty “Planning Industry” in 1992.

Within 1993-1994 she worked as an expert in the International Bank of Azerbaijan, 1994-2000s an engineer at Repair and Construction Trust, 2001-2002 senior teacher at the Department of “Economics and Management” of the University of Thinking.




In 2002 she was appointed a teacher to the Department of ‘Economic Theory-1” of Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

In 2006 she became a Candidate of Economics.

L.R.Sultanova became a senior teacher of the Department “Economic Theory-1” in 2006, an Assistant Professor of the Department in 2008.

In 2011 she got her Diploma of an Associate Professor by the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of Azerbaijan Republic.
She is married, has got two children.

List of scientific works