mal_nigar_fotoCand. of Econ., Assoc.Prof. Taghiyeva Nigar Sabir

Taghiyeva Nigar Sabir kizi was born on July 23 1969 in Ganja, the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In 1986 she was admitted to the School of Economics of the Agricultural Academy of Azerbaijan (current Agrarian University).

In 1991 she graduated the higher school with honors.
Within 1991-1994 she was a post graduate student of the Azerbaijan Scientific-research Institute of the Organization and Economy of Agriculture.

In 1994 she defended her Candidate’s paper at the Azerbaijan State University of Economics.
Within 1994-2002 she served at the School of Economics of the AAA.


N.S.Taghiyeva became a Candidate in Economy in 1995.

In 1998 she became an Associate Professor.

Taghiyeva is an Associate Professor of the Department “Finance” since 2002.

She is the author of about 30 scientific-methodological works.

Within 2003-2013 she served as a Deputy Dean of the School of Finance.

She is married, has got two children.