nazar_oktayCand.of Econ.Assoc.Prof. Yusifov Ogtay Yusif

Yusifov Oktay Yusif oghlu was born in Baku in 1952.

He finished the secondary school 44 of Baku in 1969.

In 1974 he graduated from Azerbaijan Institute of the National Economy with honors and got the specialty “Economist, teacher of political economy”. Since that time he has been serving as a senior laboratory assistant, teacher, senior teacher and an Assistant Professor at the same university.

He served in Military Army from 1974 until 1975.

During his education and employment he took active part in social activities. He was a Chairman of the Institute Student Scientific Society, member of the institute comsomol committee and the member the faculty party bureau. Within 1973-1975 he was a deputy of the local People’s Soviet, awarded lot of premiums. He was awarded with the honorary certificate of the CK of SLCYO and other awards.


In 1974 O.Y.Yusifov was sent to Washington Economic Development Institute in USA passing testing- competition at Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov. He completed the course on “Fundamentals of Market Economy” and got the Certificate by the World Bank.

He got the title of the Candidate of Economics in 1990.

At present he serves as an Assistant Professor of the Department “Economic Theory” and the Dean of the School of “International Economic Relations” of Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

According to the Presidential Decree of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed on September 26 2011, he was awarded the title of “Honored Teacher” for his contributions made in the development of Azerbaijan education.

O.Y.Yusifov is married, has got two sons and a daughter.


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