Cand. of Economic Scien., senior / lecturer Mammadova Nigar Oktay

She was born on June 24, 1975 in the city of Baku.

She studied at the secondary school in 1982-1992. In 1992 she was admitted to the Baku branch  of  Azerbaijan Institute of Technology, in 1997 she graduated from the Baku Commodity Commercial Institute.

In 2007 she defended her dissertation at  Azerbaijan State University of Economics and was awarded the degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences.

Since 1999, she has   worked at the Baku State Commercial Institute of Commodity Studies, first as a senior laboratory assistant, then as a  lecturer  at  Azerbaijan State University of Economics.


She is currently a senior lecturer  at  the  department of  “Expertise of consumer products” of UNEC.

She   is the secretary of the “Council of Elders “of  Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

She is the author of 43 scientific works (11 theses, 12 articles, 16 typical programs, 4 textbooks).