PhD in Economics, senior lecturer, Babashirinova Esmira Mammadshirin

She was born in 1972.

1979-1989 she   studied at secondary school   №6 in Sabail district of Baku.

In 1996 she graduated from   Azerbaijan State   University of Economics on accounting and economic activity.

In   1998   she worked as a laboratory assistant at the department of “Economic analysis and audit”; lecturer in   2003; since 2007 she has been working as a senior lecturer.

In   1998 she entered   the post-graduate course.  She completed her PhD thesis on “Analysis of foreign economic activity of enterprises of the Republic of Azerbaijan (in the case of enterprises processing agricultural products)” on the specialty 08.00.12 – “Accounting, statistics” and defended on April 29, 2013. She is a PhD in economics.

Since September, 2017 she has been   working   as a senior teacher of “Economics” department of Russian   School of   Economics of Azerbaijan State   University of Economics.