Phd in Econ., senior lector. Gabbarova Kamala Satdar

She was born on January 4, 1965.

In 1982-1987 she studied at the faculty of Science of commodities and organization of trade of Azerbaijan Institute of National Economy named after D.Bunyatzadekh (now UNEC).

In 2001, she worked as a senior laboratory assistant at the department of “Trade and Marketing”.

Since 2001 she has been a post graduate student of that department.

Since 2008 she has worked as a lecturer  at the “Trade” department of Azerbaijan State University of Economics.



In 2012 she defended his thesis on economic sciences;

In 2013, she got a PhD in Economics.

She has been a senior lector of “Trade and Customs Organization “department.

At present she is a senior lector at the department of “Economics and Management” at UNEC.

She is the author of 12 scientific articles. She is co-author of several textbooks.