anar_ibrahimov2305Ibrahimov Anar Tofig oghlu


In 2008 he finished secondary school № 1 in Khojali. He studied  his bachelor’s in  the faculty of “International Economic Relationships” of  Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) in 2012 majoring in International Relations.  After  mandatory military service  he entered MBA program of UNEC Business School and graduated from the major of “Finance”.

In 2014-2016 he studied his master in Finance   in Porto university   of the republic of Portugal within the joint project of the Ministry of the Republic of Azerbaijan and European Commission.

He has worked in bank sector and the ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In 2017 he worked as a lecturer of the department of “Economics and Business Management” of UNEC, a program manager at UNEC Business school. Currently he is deputy head of UNEC Sabah Center and the instructor of the department of İnternational Economics (English).

He teaches “Management economics”, “Corporative Finance”, “International finance” in English at UNEC Business School and Sabah Center. He teaches “Management Analyses” and “Finance” at ISE.

He has translated more than 14 books in Finance and Economics of  Harvard  Business School into Azerbaijani. He is the coauthor of two scientific articles.


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