Director: Assist. Prof. Azadov Eldar Hasankhan

Contact phone: +(994) 12 492-03-20

Deputy Director: S/t Aliyev Navai Shakhlar

Contact phone:+(994)12 492-94-57

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About the Training-Methodical Centre

The Training-Methodical Centre is a coordinating body to carry out the planning, management and control over training-methodical works to ensure preparation of highly skilled economists at the University in line with international standards amid the integration to the European education system being one of the main structural units of the Azerbaijan State Economic University.           

The Centre is guided in its activities with the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Education Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan, State Strategy on Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan, State Program on Higher Education Reforms, “Exemplary Statute on organization of training based on the credit system at higher education institutions, “Rules, guidelines and statutes regulating the training process at higher education institution, rules on internal working behaviors”, Charter of the University, legal acts, orders, decrees and instructions of the Rector, and this Statute, as well as legal regulatory acts and scientific-methodical recommendations of the Ministry of Education and other central executive powers of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Center performs its affairs in accordance with the actions plan. Implementing its objectives and realizing its rights the center operates in cooperation with all faculties, structural units, including other science and education organizations of Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

The activity directions of the center are: To carry out organization of and control over the training process in line with high quality, existing standards; To coordinate activities of all faculties, departments and other structural units implementing education standards and programs; To ensure provision of the training process with teaching-methodical, didactic and information materials; To provide methodical and organizational support for the application and use of modern training technologies in the training process; To carry out other duties stipulated in the Statute.


Functions of the Division on Administration and Coordination of the Training Process:

  1. Control over the administration and management of the teaching process in accordance with the State education standards;
  2. Drawing up the teaching process in the university and control over its execution;
  3. Preparation of analytic- information on the basis of the administration’s enquiries;
  4. Coordination of the work in administration of teaching among the faculties and departments;
  5. Accounting and division of the university lecture room fund, overseeing and compiling curriculum to ensure the teaching process;
  6. Control over the use of teaching auditorium in the faculties;
  7. Drawing up and control over execution of the open classes in the departments;
  8. Checking the departments’ preparedness for the new academic year;
  9. Arrangement of the Summer Term;
  10. Analysis of the progress of the training process and the results of the exam sessions and final graduation attestation;
  11. Development of the orders on granting scholarships to students;
  12. Preparation of the permission and payment documents for the teachers who conduct hourly lessons;
  13. Preparation of orders about the graduation and dissertation papers and their supervisors in Departments;
  14. Development of order projects about the content of the State Attestation Commission together with the departments;
  15. Preparation of documents and exemplary forms on the Final Graduation Attestation and their approval (minutes, reviews and assignments and so on);


STATUTE of the Training-Methodical Centre

UNEC’s Internal Rules on “Administration of Education Services to gain credits for External Entities”