The choice of applicants collecting 700 score in the II group – UNEC


The results of applicants awarded the students of UNEC in the admission exams of high schools for the 2017/18 academic year.

This year the admission plan of UNEC in comparison with last year was carried out 96.6 percent once more. So that on the UNEC admission plan it was realized 3298 students among 3415 applicants. Among the faculties the highest result was registered in Finance and accounting faculty. Admission plan in this faculty was 99,6 percent .

This year there is a serious progress among the high score collectors. On the second group collecting 600 or more score 288 among 481 persons, 60 percent (2 persons in I group) have chosen UNEC.

This academic year in the II group both applicants collected 700 points – Javad Aliyev and Arzu Mammedzade have chosen UNEC. Let’s note that last year two applicants collected 700 score. Between them Shahbaba Mammedov who continued his education in Azerbaijan admitted to International Economics School of UNEC.

So among 290 applicants who admitted to UNEC, with 600 or more points, two persons collected 700, 70 persons collected 650-680 score.

It is observed increase in the average score on the results of UNEC admission. In 2014 and 2015 years the indicators on the University were 391 and 396 score, in 2017 year this figure rose to 412 score, in Azerbaijan sector this was 420 score. The maximum limit of average score on the results was in International Economics School. So that in comparison with 2015 year this indicator was increased 96 score and  in 2016 year was 635, this year it is increased 10 score compared last year and became 645.

One of the positive moments is that among the admitted students more than 99, 9 percent of students have chosen firstly UNEC.

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