The business world always needs independent and creative minded young people

03 MAY 2017 | VIEWS:

The well-known businessmen’s meeting with students is in progress at UNEC.

The representatives of the Turkish business community share their experiences with UNEC students, revealing the secrets of building successful career and providing them with proposals.

A Chairman of the Azerbaijan Turkey Business People’s Association Jamal Yangin informed the students about the activities of the Association. He talked that ATBPA represent the interests of foreign businessmen in the country and successful projects signed by. Speaking about the difficulties young people may face in the business world, ATBPA Chairman highlighted that the problems, in fact, are the road to success and provided them with proposals.

Head of the Azerbaijan representation of the company “Turkish Petrols” Saliha Dundar provided the participants with the information about his company, cooperation principles and strategy. Sharing his career experiences with the students, S.Dundar made useful proposals for directing business life and career opportunities properly. Recommended them to define their capacity for any job.

The next meeting was realized with UNEC’s alumnus, a Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of “AtaBank” OSC Etibar Babashli. Expressing proud for the recent achievements of the university he graduated from, E.Babashli recommended the students to benefit from the education opportunities provided by UNEC. UNEC’s graduate shared the ways of becoming a successful bank employee and development principles.

One of the influential businesspeople in banking sector, a Chairman of the Executive Board of “Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan” OSC Avni Demirchi recommended the students to manage their time properly to realize their dreams on career. He brought to the students’ attention that the business community always needs independent and creative minded young people.   

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