First Debate on “ISE Economic Talks: “Trumponomics”


First debate of the Project “ISE Economic Talks” by the International School of Economics of UNEC is to be held on March 2.

The most actual topic of the global agenda “Trumponomics” will be discussed within the first meeting of UNEC’s new economic platform “ISE Economic Talks”. Head of the International School of Economics Anar Rzayev will make a speech about the theme. The talks will be conducted in Azerbaijani.

First meeting of “ISE Economic Talks” will take place at the Career Center of UNEC in the main academic building (office 200) at 02pm. Please, get registered on Facebook if you require to join.

The aim of the project is bring UNEC instructors, students and research fellows together and organize debates with them. The most urgent economic issues and problems of the global economy and the country will be discussed within the project. At the same time, “Debate Day” of the bestseller economic books will be arranged.

The topics of the discussions to be held twice a month will be chosen by voting. New directions of discussions will be defined in accordance with the proposals. Debates will also be broadcast on UNEC’s virtual economic forum Head of “ISE Economic Talks” of UNEC is an instructor of the Department of “International Economics Tahmasib Alizade.

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