“The world experience of promotion to the export: the approaches and outcomes”

11 JANUARY 2018 | VIEWS:

The fisrt roundtable was held iin the Foreign Trade Support Center newly established at UNEC.

The goal of the roundtable dedicated to the topic “The world experience of promotion to the export: the approaches and outcomes”  was to study the foreign markets in the regions, to identify the general requirements of commodity groups and the intra-group commodities markets and determining the demand for the solvency of the real and potential buyers formed in these markets. In the event, organized jointly by the Foreign Trade Support Center and the “International Economics” chair of UNEC for conducting the discussions  was established the working group consisting of academic teaching staff  of the university, under the leadership of the co-chair of the Center, professor Irshad Karimli.

Within the two-days roundtable, the working group conducted the discussions in the direction of integration of the national economy of Azerbaijan into the international economy. Were investigated           the real possibilites of the local enterpreneurs to meet the needs of the domestic and foreign markets.

  The young researchers – teachers of UNEC, trained at foreign universities,  Tahmasib Alizadeh, Ahliman Abbasov, Rovshan Jamalov, Seymur Aliyev and Elnur Isayev made the speeches in the meeting. They shared the successful experience of the countries they had studed (Germany, England, Russia, Turkey, Finland) in promoting the exporting enterpreneurs.

 At the end of the round table, the co-chair of the Center, professor I.Kərimli gave the report on the results, the working group had derived. He noted that, for the purpose of promoting the exporting enterpreneurs, it was reasonable to benefit from the methods, tools and approaches of the countries, more characteristic for them, which enter the economic grouping of Europe and the Islamic-Arabian region. The professor emphasized the importance of the adaptation to the requirements of the foreign markets, achieving the international competitiveness perspectives for the new markets along with the traditional markets, after fully satisfying the needs of the domestic market with the national brands and services.

At the end, the memebers of the working group decided to present the business plan compiled on the basis of he proposals had been made at the round table to the relevant state and private bodies to obtain economic benefits.

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