Candidate of chemical sciences, Associate Professor, Guliyeva Khalida Yadigar

She was born on 11.10.1950 in Beylagan district.

In 1967 she graduated from secondary school, in 1973 graduated from Chemical Technology faculty of Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.

In 1973 she worked as an engineer at the Cybernetics Institute of ANAS and as a scietific worker  in 1974 – at the Institute of Petrochemical Processes, and in 1986 – in the Inorganic and Physico-chemical  institute.



Since 1989 she has been a candidate for a degree of this institute, and in 1994 she defended her dissertation and received an academic   degree of candidate of chemical sciences.

She worked as an Assosiate Professor at BSICRC in 1997 and since 2000 she has worked as Assosiate Professor at UNEC.

She  is the author of about 60 scientific works, including 3 author’s certificates, 5 patents (foreign), 12 articles (domestic), 1 article (foreign), 27 theses, 1 textbook, 3 methodical aids, 4 programs.

Married, has 2 children.