Head of the Department of “PRICE AND APPRICIATION”, Prof. Kazimli Khanhuseyn Huseynagha

e-mail: x.kazimli@unec.edu.az

Was born on October 1, 1942 in Aghamammadli village of Imishli region.

In 1967, He graduated from the Azerbaijan Institute of People’s Economy (current Azerbaijan State Economic University) and was kept at the Institute with reference as an excellent and active sociable student.

H gained the title of the candidate of economic sciences in 1971; the scientific degree of the doctor of economic sciences in 1989.

He worked in the positions of the chairman of Komsomol and Trade Union Committees at the Azerbaijan State Economic University in different years.   From June 27 1994 to March 12, 1998 he was the Director of the Main Prices Office of the Republic; from March 12 to May 30, 1999, he was the Director of the Economic legislation Section of the National Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

He was elected the member of the National Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the first, second and third calls. He is the chairman of the Azerbaijan Social Welfare Party (ASRP). Since 1998, he has been the honoured chairman of the Azerbaijan Society of Assessor (AQC); since 2002, he has been the member of the Central Council of the Association of Assessors of CIS countries.

From 2003 to 2005, he directed the mentioned international organization. He is the author of 21 textbooks and trainings aids, monographs on «Pricing » and «Appreciation of the property», as well as fundamental works, more than 350 articles related to politology.

He was awarded with the “Glory” Medal for his achievements in scientific-pedagogical and public-political activities on June 12, 2002. He was also laureate of the “Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev” and “Golden Pen” media diplomas for fruitful activities in education, scientific field and public-political life of Azerbaijan.

He has been the Director of the “Price and appreciation” Department of ASEU since 2008. He is the member of the Scientific Methodical and Defence Councils. He is the editor-in-chief of the «Property and economy» journal. He is the author of 23 textbooks and training aids, monographs, more than 350 articles.


A Patriotic Event held at UNEC under the motto “April Battles are our Glorious Victory” (28.12.2017)
The Creativity Center of UNEC was awarded in the Military Unit (08.11.2016)
UNEC employees celebrated Ramazan Holiday on the front line (11.07.2016)


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