Kocherli Yalchin Enver 

He was born in Baku in 1976.

He received Bachelor’s Degree in Economy of in the fields of Education, Science, Social and Cultural of Azerbaijan State Institute of Economics in the years of 1993-1997 and Master’s degree in Economy of in the fields of Education, Science, Social and Cultural within 1997- 1999.

In the years of 2000-2003 he studied in post- graduation of the University of Economics. He has been serving as a teaching staff of the Department of “Economy and Management of Social Sphere” of Azerbaijan State University of Economics since 2000. He is appointed a Director of the Part-time Education Department of the Distance, Part-time and Further Education Center of UNEC in 2017.

He was awarded a certificate by the World Tourism Organization in the seminar on “Tourism Marketing and Advertising Techniques in Tourism” on April 16-17, 2007. He made a speech on “Development Perspectives of International Cooperation in the field of Tourism in Azerbaijan” within the International Scientific-practical Conference on “The Role of Tourism in Economic Growth of the Islamic Conference member Countries” held on 21-22 June, 2007 and awarded a certificate.

He made speeches on different topics within the 1st Republic Scientific- practical Conference on “Tourism and Recreation: Problems and Perspectives” held in the Azerbaijan Institute of Tourism of the AR Ministry of Culture and Tourism on December 8 2007, in the II Republic Scientific-practical Conference held on November 22 2008and III Republic Scientific-practical Conference held on December 19 2009 on behalf of our university.

He participated in the process of the Development of Tourism Professional Standards within the Project “Reforms Strategy on Vocational Education and Training and Pilot Execution in selected Azerbaijani region” funded by the European Union on April 29 2009.

He is the author of 14 scientific articles; participated as a co-author of 15 subject programs.

He is married; has two children.