Mirzayev Mahir Sabir

Mahir Sabir oghlu Mirzayev was born on February 17 1994 in Baku. He got the secondary education at school 36 and was enrolled to Azerbaijan State University of Economics with 541 point in 2011. Graduating from the faculty of Economics of UNEC in 2015 he went to serve in the army. Mahir was killed in the April events in Tartar in 2016.


The book dedicated to the April martyrs was presented at UNEC (04.04.2018)
UNEC pays tribute to its Martyrs (17.02.2018)
UNEC Staff at the UNEC Martyr Mahir Mirzayev’s Grave

UNEC pays tribute to its Martyrs
UNEC Staff at the Martyr Graduates’ Graves (13.04.2016)
UNEC’s two Alumni were killed for belief (11.04.2016)
Dedicated to Mahir Mirzayev’s memory (VIDEO)


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