Organization of the Scientific-pedagogical Internship of the II year graduates by the Department of “Marketing”

The Department of “Marketing” creates relevant conditions of conducting seminar trainings for graduate students along with providing them with overall knowledge in the direction of the organization of the teaching process, rules to use interactive methods, building active communication with the students during the lessons.

Graduate student of the group 312 Novruzzade Goychek Nayig has conducted a class on “International Marketing” on February 23. Head of the Department “Marketing”, Dr. of Economy T.I.Imanov, subject teacher E.N.Guliyev and the employee of the “Department of Career and Recruitment” A.Hasanov attended the seminar.

Conducting the seminar on “The Essence of the International Marketing” the Master spoke about the essence of the discipline, its subject, development stages, local and global marketing and problems of their application in detail and answered students’ questions.

The seminar was of great interest by the graduate and undergraduate students who pass scientific- pedagogical internship.

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