CSD is working towards protection of students with disabilities.

All information of students with disabilities is protected due to law – “Protection of Azerbaijan Republic’s citizen’s rights and private life”. Only with written permission of students with disabilities or their parents, related information can be given to instructors or other university colleagues. (Azerbaijan Republic’s Criminal Code section 8, chapter 21, article 155).

In order to transfer important information to instructors and other university employees, students with disabilities give written permission. For example; only with student’s permission CSD’s coordinator can hold a discussion regarding student’s disability or exams and trainings.

Coordinator of CSD should give important information regarding students  who need special service to other university structures if needed.

All private information collected and approved in the Centre will be protected due to protection rules.


In cases where UNEC employees or students with disabilities’ rights are mistreated, related information will be transmitted to associated structures of country. In addition in cases of consuming alcohol or narcotics related structures of country will be informed.

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