gomruk_gulnaralector Abdullayeva Gulnare Akif kizi

Abdullayeva Gulnare Akif kizi was born on March 30 1965 in Baku.

Within 1987-1993 she was a merchandiser at household catering of Orjonokidze region.

In the years of 1993-1999 she was an economist at the Production Unit “Azeravtorepair”.

She served as an economist at the company “Adil” in 2000-2001, in 2001-2003 at “Tural Ltd.”.



At present she is a teacher at the Department of “International Trade and Customs” of ASUE.

She is working on her Candidate’s paper now. G.A.Abdullayeva is the author of more than 10 scientific works.

She is married, has got two children and a grandchild.