babayeva_resmiya_8042Babayeva Rasmiya Hafiz

I am  Babayeva Rasmiya (Hafiz q). Date of birth-27/06/1965-Baku city. In 1972 entered school   №225  in Yasamal District  in Baku city.

After finishing  school  in  1982  I entered the institute  of  Foreign  Languages  (The  English Faculty).

In 1987 I graduated from the institute (university)  of  Foreign  Languages vith the diploma of the Pedagogical  Faculty of  English I German languages.

From  1987  till  1990  I  worked  as  a  director  of  the  library  of the  society  “Care” in Baku city.


From  1990 till  1999  I  worked  as  an   English  teacher  at  school   №250  (Baku  city).

From  1999  till  2001  worked  as  an  English  teacher  of  a  Foreign  Department  at  Nachchivan   Univercity.

From  2001  till  now  I have   been  working   as  an  English  teacher  of  a  Foreign Department  at  the  Azerbaijan  State  University  of  Economics.

During my  teaching  practice I  published  for  about  20  articles  (in Baku  city),  some  of  which  were the  materials  of   Foreign  Conferences.

Family  status: Married / 1 child  –  daughter  of  17  years  old.