Sen/lec: Gahramanova Shahla Sheki

By 2018 she was a teacher at the Department of Management at Azerbaijan  State University of Economics. At present she is the senior lecturer of “Economics and business administration” department.

She is the Deputy Director of UNEC Business School since 2018.

In July 2016, he took part in a scientific-practical conference on “Politics of International Relations” held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  The conference was organized by the International Research Association and the University of Ljubljana.

Shahla Gahramanova made a report on “The Role of Teaching Social-Humanitarian Subjects in Preventing Conflicts” at a conference covering various issues related to international relations.

The report underlined the importance of paying attention to the education of the younger generation as a strategic approach to the prevention of future conflicts and the importance of teaching social and humanitarian subjects in growing  future promoters.