Professors of Paris-Sorbonne Abu- Dhabi in the Winter School arranged by UNEC


A Winter School arranged for UNEC instructors with support of the Embassies of France and Arabian Emirates to Azerbaijan will take place on February 11.

The Winter School is targeted in upgrading UNEC’s academic staff’s modern teaching skills. Trainings on creation of modern curriculum, management facilities for structures of the seminars and lectures, the use of modern ICT applications such as “ePortfolios” and “Snagit” during the lessons, enhancing the academic staff’s leadership and management skills, including methods of assessment and interactive management of the auditorium will be conducted in the school. The trainings will be conducted by the Professor of Paris-Sorbonne Abu Dhabi Rida Blaik Hourani and Litz David Richard.

120 instructors to join the training were defined in accordance with the special categories. They were selected for the results of the Differential Salary System and the students’ satisfaction survey, ranking of the project “Quality of Education through the Students’ Eyes” and the rules of discipline.

The winter school to be organized at the Guba Training, Sports and Recreation Center of UNEC will last four days. The participants will be awarded Paris- Sorbonne Abu Dhabi’s Certificates in the end.

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