bank_sirsadProf. Abdullayev Shirzad Eyyub

Abdullayev Shirzad Eyyub oghlu was born on October 16 1970 in Pirkeke village of Aghdash region.

He studied at Azerbaijan State University of Economics in 1987-1995s.

Within 1997-2001 he studied at Baku State University.

He also got the additional education in Berlin School of Economy and at the Institute of Applied Sciences of Germany in 2005, Wharton Center for Real Estate in 2007, at the Institute of MTF Luxembourg in 2008.

He served as an economist in “Azertransportbank” in 1992, then as a Deputy Chairman of the Board in “Azinvestbank”, within 1992-2003 Chairman of the Board of “Azinvestbank”, in 2003-2008s the Head of the provision department of banking supervision of the AR Central Bank’s Legal Department.


Since 2008 Sh.E.Abdullayev has been serving as an Executive Director of the National Fund for Entrepreneurship of Azerbaijan Republic.

He defended the Candidate’s paper on “Establishment of the Commercial banks in Azerbaijan and their Usage Problems” on “Finance, Money Turnover and Credit” and became a Candidate on Economy in 2000 and in 2006 he defended his Doctoral thesis “Administration of Banking Resources in Azerbaijan” on “Finance, Money Turnover and Credit” and became a Doctor of Economy.

He began his activity as a senior teacher at the Department of “Banking and Money Turnover” of Azerbaijan State University of Economics in 2001-2002, in 2002-2007 an Assistant professor and in 2007 a Professor.