Bayramov Mubariz

Prof. Baghirov Mubaris Mammadhuseyn

Baghirov Mubaris Mammadhuseyn oghlu was born on August 11 1961. He studied at the secondary school in 1968-1978.

In 1978 he entered the Faculty of “Accounting” of Azerbaijan Institute of the National Economy. He graduated from the institute in 1985.

In the years of 1981-1982 he served at the military service.

M.M.Baghirov was a post graduate student of the INE within 1986-1990.

He defended his Candidate’s paper at Moscow State University and became a Candidate on Economy in 1993. Within 1995-1997 he was a doctoral student of Saint Petersburg State Financial Economic University and defended his Doctoral thesis in 1997 and became a Doctor of Economy.

He began his activity as a worker at the building construction №2 in Baku in 1978 and then continued as an engineer, senior engineer, Head of the Department, Deputy Director on Economic issues until 1993.



Within 1993-1998 he was a Branch Director of the specialized construction of the Industrial Investment Bank. In the years of 1998-2001 he served as A Head of Money Turnover and Credit Sector at Azerbaijan Union of Economists.

M.M.Baghirov had worked the Head of the Department “Finance” at the University of Odlar Yurdu (Land of Fires) in 2001-2006s. He worked as a senior scientist at the Scientific-Research Institute of Economy and Organization of Agriculture and as a senior scientist at the AS in 2006-2009s.

Since 2001 M.M.Baghorov is a Professor of the Department “Banking” of ASUE. Currently he serves as a Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Finance.

He is married, has got 3 children.

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