Elnur Sad__qov

prof. Elnur Mahammad Sadigov

e-mail: e.sadigov@unec.edu.az

He entered to the Azerbaijan State Institute of National Economics named after D.Bunyadzadeh, the faculty of Finance-loan, and in 1980 he graduated in 1987.- was born in Beylegan region in 1963.

In 1981-1983he served in military service in the ranks of Soviet Army (Aviation, Novgorod).

In 1987-1988he worked as an inspector in the Department of “ Non-cash payments and cash settlement service for the people” at the Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan, USSR State Saving Bank.

He take his post-graduate course at the Leningrad Finance and Economics Institute, the chair of “Money circulation and loan” in1988-1991 years.

Defending Finance, money circulation and loan qualification in 1991 and get the title of candidate on economic sciences.

He has been working as research assistant, lector, senior lector and associate professor at “Banking” chair of Azerbaijan State Economics University since 1991.

From 2000, he is the scientific secretary of ASEU.

He get education at the doctorate level of “Cash and securities” department of St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance in 2001 and 2005 years.

Defending Finance, money circulation and loan qualification of St. Petersburg State University of Finance and Economics in2005 and he get the title of doctor on economic sciences of the Russian Federation.

Since 2009,he has been the doctor on economic sciences of the Republicof Azerbaijan.

From 2009, he has been the member of the board on PhD and doctor on economics Number D.02.051 at the ASEU.

And since 2013, he is the member of editorial board of the Ukraine’s magazine of “Trade and Ukraine market”.

Currently he is the professor of Banking chair of the Azerbaijan State Economics University.

Awarded with the “Tereggi” medal for contribution to the development of education by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2011 year.

He was awarded with the medal of advanced education employee of the Republic of Azerbaijan for his contribution on the training of highly qualified economists in Azerbaijan and abroad by the Decree of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mikayil Jabbarov dated 01.10.2013.

He is the author of more than 70 scientific-methodological textbooks and manuals. He is married and has two sons.


The article of the UNEC scientist won the international competition (21.12.2017)
UNEC- the only Higher Education Institution students of which receive International Banking Certificate in CIS
UNEC Students will study the International Banking Experience in Saint-Petersburg
UNEC Professor is elected a member of the Editorial Board of Scientific Journal of the Belorussian University
UNEC Professor spoke about the International Monetary and Credit Relations in Saint-Petersburg
UNEC Professor took part in the international collective monograph
UNEC Professor lectured at the University of Belorussia 
UNEC Students joined the International Forum (10.10.2016)
UNEC Students were sent to Internship abroad (11.07.2016)
SABAH Groups of UNEC made a trip to Guba
UNEC’s Professor attended the training held by the prestigious university (02.02.2016)

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