“QS regional rating for 2018 year” UNEC has been promoted 30 levels

17 OCTOBER 2017 | VIEWS:


QS regional rating Agency for 2018 year “in Central Asian and European developing region” UNEC settled 161-170 place among the best universities, and it has been promoted 30 stages in comparison with the result of the last year.

We have to inform that, there are 2938 high schools in this region. This indicator settles UNEC among the first 5, 5% the best universities in Central Asian and European developing region.

During the last year UNEC improved its performance 23 % with average collecting points. Last year UNEC was settled at the fifth place increasing its points on the eight indicators, promoted 2 levels and occupied the third place among Azerbaijan universities. UNEC occupies the first place among Azerbaijan qualified universities.

Among Economic Universities in the region UNEC confirmed once more the fourth best University status.

 According “Academic Reputation” – UNEC is in 100th place!

On the QS rating the highest indicator retains “Academic Reputation” University indicator. The weight of this indicator is 30 % in the regional rating. The academic reputation indicator gives the possibility to the high educational institutions to analyze its current academic activities. It is based on the opinions of world experts. During the evaluation they have collected more than 70 thousand opinions in 2017. UNEC has obtained the100th place collecting 34.1 points according to the academic reputation indicator.

“Employer Reputation”–UNEC improved its position twice and became into 87th place.

The second biggest weight with 20% belongs to the Employer Reputation indicator in the QS regional rating. This year they have changed the calculation methodology of employer reputation indicator in the QS regional raying. This year during the calculation of the reputation among the employers it has been taken global and local opinions equally 50%. This year has commonly collected more than thirty thousand thoughts on this indicator. Increasing authority of UNEC in local and global area this institution promoted nearly two times, as the result of the managers’ and representatives’ vote of different business enterprises. So that UNEC collected 39.9 points (last year 22,2) and got the 8th place as the best result in the region.

On the indicator of number of foreign and local teachers ratio UNEC obtained 13,3 points (last year 10,8) and got the 120th place, and gained the best result in the region.

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