Guliyeva Kifayet Nazim kizi

 K.Guliyeva was born on November 6 1960 in Mirbashir (present Tartar) region of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

She studied at the Secondary school 1 of Mirbashir region within 1967-1977.

She graduated from the Financial-credit College of Baku with honors in 1982, the Baku branch of the Economic University named after N.A.Voznesenski in 1990.

She served as an economist in Mirbashir branch of the State Bank in 1982, as a senior economist within 1985-1996.


She began her activity at the Azerbaijan State University of Economist as an accountant since 1997, as a senior laboratory assistant at the Department of “Organization of Business” in 2001, as a teaching staff of the Department “Business Administration” since 2003.

She made her contributions in the translation of the textbooks “Business Security”, “Joint Stock Company”, “Organization of Business”, in the writing of the textbooks “Organization and Management of Business”, “Basis of Business”.

K.Guliyeva is married, has got two children.