Rector offers…


Rektor_031219A number of issues, such as enhancing the functioning of university libraries in the education system, making them more open and accessible to students and researchers, integration of their resources and services into research and educational activities of higher education institutions were discussed at the 1st InterUniversities Library Forum organized at UNEC.

The library should support the open science initiative as the information centre of the university, and present the research results, content of university scientists in a world of information and knowledge. The complexity of scientific communication and its transition to online mode make it a priority task for university libraries to assist researchers at all stages of research.

The “warehouse” model of libraries is rapidly losing its importance. It should be taken into account that the published books lose their role as the main source of information, and at the same time, modern technology that provides abundance of information should be considered in the organization of the library space.

The task of upgrading the university libraries and expanding the range of services they provide requires the improvement of the existing library management model, as well as the expansion of innovation, the protection and involvement of talented and professional staff.

In addition, the rector also offers:

  1. To establish the Association of University Libraries in Azerbaijan.
  2. Integrate electronic information resources of university libraries and provide access to these resources within a single window. For this purpose, a unified network of electronic catalogs of university libraries should be established first.
  3. Establish a system of book exchange  among university libraries.
  4. Create a single information exchange system about new books purchased by university libraries.
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