Deputy Director of the Scientific-Research Institute of Economic Investigations: Dr.of Econ. Rovshan Guliyev

Rovshan Guliyev was born on February 14 1957 in Aghdam city.

He started the secondary education in Aghdam city School 1 in 1963. He continued his education in Baku city school 1990 beginning from 1964 and finished the same school in 1978.

In the year of 1973 he entered the School of Mechanics and Mathematics of Azerbaijan State University and graduated from 1978 with honors.

In 1978 he was appointed to the Institute of Cybernetics of the AS of Azerbaijan SSR. He was sent to the Calculation Center of AS of USSR the same year. He entered the post graduation of the center in 1980 and defended his Candidate’s paper in 1984 and became the Candidate of Physical and Mathematical and Sciences.

Within 1984-2000 Guliyev has served as a junior research fellow, senior research fellow, Head of Sector, Head of Laboratory of USSR Institute of Cybernetics of Agriculture in Moscow (the Institute of Agrarian Problems and Informatics of the Academy of Russia since 1994).

He defended a Doctor’s Thesis at the same institute in 2005. He is a Doctor of Economic Sciences.


  • 2000-2004: “Kaskad-M”, Head of Department (Moscow)
  • 2004-2006 Center for Economic Reforms of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Head of Department (Baku)
  • 2008-2013 the University of Azerbaijan, instructor, Professor (Baku)
  • 2014-2015 Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Head of Department (Baku)
  • 2014-2015 the Association of Independent Economic Model, project coordinator (Moscow)
  • 2015 April- the Institute of Economy and Organization of Agriculture of Azerbaijan, senior research fellow (Baku)
  • 2015 May- Deputy Director of the Scientific- Research Institute of Economic Investigations of Azerbaijan State University of Economics.



 The Nobel Lectures held within the “Science Month” completed at UNEC (08.11.2016)
 Ways to Mitigate the Negative Effects of the Processes occurring in the World Economy were discussed at UNEC (29.01.2016)

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