A Conference by “SOCAR Capital” and UNEC

15 APRIL 2017 | VIEWS:

Ministry of Education, “SOCAR Capital” and UNEC have jointly organized a conference on “Global Capital Markets and Innovations conducted in the field in Azerbaijan” on April 14.

Administration and experts of UNEC, “SOCAR Capital” and Baku Stock Exchange, as well as UNEC students attended the conference. The main purpose to organize the conference is to inform the students of Azerbaijan State University of Economics that is the major higher education institution in the development of specialists in Economics and Finance about the current state of the securities market in Azerbaijan and make them familiar with the biggest company of the country- SOCAR’s operations related with Securities as well.

Making an opening of the event, Advisor to UNEC Rector, Elshan Baghirzade delivered the information about the affairs done to improve the quality of education in the university and to adapt the students to the requirements of real economy. It was said that UNEC targets to develop highly skilled professionals for securities market and different areas of economy by joining various international projects. The kind of events and the meetings with experts support this process.

A General Advisor of SOCAR on Securities Market and member of “SOCAR Capital’s” Advisory Board Ali Aghaoghlu made a presentation about the processes happened here and the significance of capital market for the global economy. According to him, Securities have become one of the most important tools of businesses and states recently.

Touching upon SOCAR’s activities on Securities, A.Aghaoghlu provided the participants with the information about SOCAR bonds, the purposes to issue them and affairs done for bond emission. He said the main purpose to issue SOCAR bond is to involve citizens’ savings in economy and bring them benefit. Therefore, SOCAR issued its bonds in preferential and guaranteed terms ever been. A population immediately felt the preferences of this instrument and at present SOCAR bonds are the most traded security in the country.

An Executive Director of Baku Stock Exchange Vugar Namazov made a presentation on Development of Securities Market in Azerbaijan and its current state. According to him, leading global technology systems are used in Azerbaijan’s capital market, which developed in different stages. V.Namazov delivered the information about the requirements and standards of BSE with capital markets, including tools of the exchange and trade mechanism. He said the most traded securities of the world are SOCAR’s bonds.

Ali Aghaoghlu’s speech on “The Future’s Economy” made within the conference was of great interest by the students. The expert spoke about the innovations to happen in technology and finance, their impact to world economy. According to him, new technologies and the changes brought would affect not only economic factors but also all areas of our lives, cause novelties. The expert recommended the students to develop themselves and be ready for these novelties. Students met this speech and call with applauds.

It was said that the kind of events, information and opinions sounded here would bring fruits to training process and become a source of important information within the students’ labor activities.

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