Education, Sports and Recreation Complex of the Azerbaijan State Economic University has been constructed in the area more than 7 hectares in Nugady village 2 of Guba region. Complex is envisaged for resting and strengthening the health of the 20,000 employees of the university. All the opportunities have been created at the Complex for the summer and winter schools of the students and organization of the various sports competitions and summer camps. At the mean time, the three store hotel with 87 rooms has the capacity of accommodating 162 persons. All the criteria have been considered for resting of the teachers and students. Remarkable summer school for 350 students with modern infrastructure has been established in accordance with the high level standards. The audiences have been equipped with all the necessary equipment. The cafeteria for 100 persons has the same conditions. Also, all opportunities exist for the 205 seat capacity conference hall for holding different events.


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About the Complex

There is a sports hall established in accordance with the international standards. Indoor sport hall for conduction of volleyball, football and basketball games, saunas, changing rooms, fitness rooms, VIP rooms have been constructed at the Complex. In addition, there is necessary condition for students engaged in swimming in the modern indoor pool. All the possibilities have been taken into account for conduction of the football, handball and other sports competitions at the outdoor stadium that meets international standards.

Road construction has been re-implemented and lightening system has been established within the construction-installation works of the Complex.

Area of more than five thousand square meters has been covered asphalt.