PUBLIC ASSOCIATION “Scientific Union of Economist Students” Abbasov Ahliman Yashasif

Address: 6 Istiglaliyyat Str., Baku (1st building)
Telephone:+(994) 12 497-58-71

 Internet page: www.sues.az
Email: info@sues.az 
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Information about the Public Association “Scientific Union of Economist Students”

The Public Association “Scientific Union of Economists Students” is established by UNEC Scientific Council’s decision on September 18 2015 and has been officially registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan on December 28 2015. The branches of the Public Union were established at the Academy of State Customs Committee, National Aviation Academy and State Agrarian University. The association is the unity established with the initiative of some individuals, voluntary, self-governing and not-for-profit that does not intend to make a profit and share its profit among the members, acting on a permanent basis founded in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan about the Non-government Organizations. The co- establisher and first Chairperson of the association was Hidayat Kerimov.

Since its inception, the organization has organized and partnered more than 50 projects. Among those projects which had the largest audience, are: Young Banker School (1st and 2nd), Friendship Cup, HR School, Economist Expert, Youth Career Forum, UNEC League Intelligent Championship. The number of young people benefiting from the project exceeded 5,000. Conducted 567 trainings and seminars and successfully completed the Youth Career Forum-2016 in Azerbaijan for the first time. In general, the number of young people taking advantage of the measures has exceeded 10 thousand (Results of the 2016/2017 REPORT)


The main goal of the Association is to contribute in increasing students’ knowledge and to support their scientific investigations.

The Association performs the following functions to achieve its objectives:

  • Promote the measures taken by the government towards the development of the education and youth policy;
  • Promote cooperation and exchange of experiences among the students.
  • Assist the development of the creativity among young people.


To carry out the envisaged tasks, the Association:

  • Carries out scientific researches, organizes different courses and workshops, round tables, meetings and exhibitions;
  • Establishes contacts with various non-governmental organizations operating in our country and abroad, regional and international institutions and implements joint projects with them.
  • Disseminates information about its objectives and activities independently and prepares print publications in accordance with the legislation;
  • Cooperates with the relevant state and municipal authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and international organizations.

The Association provides the registration of its members within 30 days after being registered by the state authorities.

The Association is not eligible to participate in the elections of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Municipality.

The Structure of the Public Association “Scientific Union of Economist Students”:

  • The Chairman of the Union
  • Executive Director of the Union
  • Deputy Director of the Union


Department of General and Administrational Affairs:

  • Trainings and events organizer;
  • Projects Admission;
  • Information technologies control;

Marketing and Communication Department:

  • Social Media Accounts Management;
  • Advertising and PR;

The International Relations Department:

The Department on the Affairs with Non- government Organizations and Educational Institutions:

  • Non-government organizations;
  • Educational Institutions;

Human Resources Department:

  • Recruitment Department;
  • Human Resources Planning


  • Minutes section

Economic Studies and Scientific-research:

  • Department of Economic research;
  • Department of non-economic research;
  • UNEC Science Club