Gift from a well-known educational expert to UNEC Library Information Center

09 OCTOBER 2019 | VIEWS:

In the library 24/7 of   Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) the meeting was held with the coordinator of the UNEC Public Supervisory Board, chairman of the Public Union “XXI Century Education Center”, well-known educational expert Etibar Aliyev.

At a meeting with UNEC students, Etibar Aliyev said that the world’s leading universities have very large libraries, which have millions of publications and electronic resources available online. However, up –to-date, communication with the live book has not been replaced with any alternative. Therefore, regardless of their profile, the university library should be very rich. It is of great importance for the comprehensive development of students, the formation of their critical and creative thinking.  Etibar Aliyev said UNEC 24/7 library is a good example in this regard. Here are all the conditions for comfortable reading for readers. The university library also encourages students to create their own library. These neat libraries help students not only get better education, but also gain a deeper knowledge of their specialties, and help them gain a broader and more comprehensive knowledge.

Etibar Aliyev said that along with the university administration, the presence of students and other interested people would be commendable   in enriching  the libraries: ““The biggest importance of it is let the next generation be educated,  to grow up in a healthy, educated, intellectual, patriotic, spiritual and aesthetic sense. “

At the meeting, Etibar Aliyev presented more than 20 books of world classics translated into Azerbaijani to the UNEC Library Information Center.  There  are the works of prominent representatives of English, German, French, and American literature, such as F. Rable, V. Hugo, G.B. Show, M. Twain, V. Scott, W. Goethe, O. Henry, H. Mann, and  G. Golsuorsi and   also “Anthology of the World Drama”, “Anthology of Antiquity”, “Anthology of German Literature” among the donated books.

At the event, Director of UNEC Library Information Center, Adila Abdullayeva, thanked Etibar Aliyev for the books he donated to the center and his close involvement in the fund’s enrichment. At the same time, she expressed her confidence that this initiative would be a challenge for other   intellectuals.

Readers can get acquainted with the literature by visiting   UNEC Library Information Center.

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