Continuous Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development is an additional education provided to professionals in case when the difference between the initial vocational studies and the basic training program of the major to be received is more than estimated hours of the academic year. The difference between the programs is determined by the institutions provide the continuous professional development and the vocational education.

Continuous Professional Development and Vocational Education is performed to provide the flexibility in cadres’ development and wants of separate people in additional major training in accordance with the contract between the individuals who want to get trained or the companies and organizations they work for.

In case, if the content of the prior subjects learned in basic program of received major are relevant to the content of any subject of the new major required to get by the student he or she would have not attend the classes and take exam on.

Those who successfully complete the higher education in accordance with the program and curriculum receive the Bachelor’s Degree and a diploma.

Admission to the Continuous Professional Development on the following majors is implemented in 2015/2016 academic year by the Center:


050401­  World Economy
050213­  International Relations
050403­  Finance
050404­  Economics
050402­  Accounting and Audit
050406 Statistics
050407­  Management
050410­  Public and Municipal Administration
050632­  Information Technologies and Systems Engineering
050409­  Business Administration
050405­  Organization and Administration of Industry
050408­  Marketing
050510­  Ecology
050411­  Commerce
050810­  Tourism and Hotel Business
050644­  Examination and Marketing of Consumer Products
050642­  Foodstuff Engineering
050321 Design
050643­  Technology Engineering of Consumer Products
050625­  Technological Machines and Equipments Engineering
050647­  Metrology, Standardization and Certification


Students enter the Continuous Professional Development continue their studies full-time or part on their own choice.

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