Student Scientific Conference: “Combination of Cultural and Moral Difference”

01 JUNE 2017 | VIEWS:

A student scientific conference on “Combination of Cultural and Moral Difference” dedicated to Islamic Solidarity was held in the Faculty of Technology and Design of UNEC.

The School Dean, Professor Vakil Huseynov delivered the information about the significance of the announcement 2017 the “Islamic Solidarity Year” by the President of our republic Ilham Aliyev. He spoke about the transformation of IV Islamic Solidarity Games the successful sports holiday and the achievements gained by our sportsmen.

Speaking about the cultural ties, their development and significance among the Muslim states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Head of the Department “Humanitarian Disciplines”, Professor Vakil Hasanov highlighted that Azerbaijan became the center of intercultural dialogue and conducts successful external policy in this direction. A Professor of the Department Zakir Mammadaliyev and an Assistant Professor Humeyra Mustafayeva stated that the improvement of cultural relationship among the Muslim countries is one of the necessary conditions of modern times. Islam is the religion of unity, morality and ethics. She noted that Azerbaijan is one of the main centers of Islamic civilizations for centuries. Islamic values are of great demand in the world and Azerbaijan gains great achievements in organizing cross- cultural forum, dialogues in this field.

The students of the faculty Mohterem Aghayeva, Rafiga Nazarova and Shalala Isayeva made reports on the topic.

Students were awarded certificates in the end. 

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