About Department

POLITICAL SCIENCE. The department of “Political science” was established in 1971. The department was directed by prof.Z.I.Mammadov in 1971-1981, prof. V.Pashayev in 1981-1986, prof. Z.I.Mammadov in 1986-1993, O. Afandiyev in 1993-1995 and prof. Z.I.Mammadov from 1996. Now, 2 doctors of sciences-professors, 1 professor, 2 associate professors of sciences, 5 senior teachers, 1 teacher acts in the department.

The main subjects studied:

  • Political science
  • Sociology

Main publications:

“Political science” – training aid, “University of Economics” edition, 2004.
“Sociology” – training aid, “University of Economics” edition, 2004.
“Political science” (training aid for students of part-time department),
Baku, “Economics” edition, 2006
“Personality and policy in the condition of democratic society”, Baku, “Nurlan”-2000.

PHILOSOPHY. The Philosophy Department was established in 1966.

The Department was headed by prof J.Ahmadli by 1976, by prof. M.Jalilov from 1976 to 2007, and prof. Z.Mammadaliyev since 2007. Currently, 2 doctors of sciences-professor, 10 PhD on Philosophy (6 of whom are assistant professors) work at the Department.

Subjects taught:     Philosophy, Culture Science, Logic, Pedagogy of Higher Education, Psychology of higher education and Philosophy of economy

Main publications: “Philosophy” (textbook), “Selected lectures on the course of Philosophy” (training aid), “Philosophy of middle ages” (training aid), “Philosophy of economy” (training aid), “Lectures on the course of Philosophy (3 tomes)”, “Globalization and development dialectics of moral life of society (collection of articles, 3 tomes) and etc.

HISTORY OF AZERBAIJAN. The department of “Azerbaijan History” is one of the university sections of Azerbaijan State Economic University. The department of “History of Azerbaijan was established in 1989 since the institute started to perform as the branch of Leningrad Financial Economic Institute. In the years of 1989-1992 the Department performed as the Department of “History of Azerbaijan and History of National Economy” and has been carrying out its activity as the Department of “Azerbaijan History” since 1992.

During the late 60s and early 70s the course of History of Azerbaijan” was taught at the Department of “Economic History” performed since 1966 and run by Can. Of H. Gachay Nazar oghlu Heydarov (1920- 1990). During the first half of 80s the Department of Economic history” was led by the Dr. of H., Professor A. Dilbazov.

The Department carried out the training on two disciplines- History of Azerbaijan and Economic History up to 2006. Both were taught to all majors of the university. Programs, textbooks, teaching aids and methodological instructors were published on both History of Azerbaijan and Economic History.

A large number of textbooks, teaching and methodological facilities were written and published by the Department to improve the quality of education and increase its level of modern requirements. Teaching materials “Economic History” and “Economic History of Azerbaijan” written by Assist. Prof. N. Suleymanov and the methodological facilities, instructors and programs published by Prof. A. Dilbazov, Prof. H. Jafarov, Assist. Professors V. Hasanov, M. Pashayeva, R. Akhundov and O. Salmanova create the opportunity for the students’ provision with teaching facilities.

A numerous scientific- research works on “Problems of the Azerbaijan’s Manufacturing History and the Development of Statehood”. The employees of the Department give the priority to the coverage of the problems in accordance with the university’s profile in studying various fields of Azerbaijan history. The actual problems of the formation of farms, property forms, tax system, financial and budget issues, cultural and economic relations, the initial introduction of currency and money circulation and etc. are included here from the historical aspect. The results of the researches are covered by the domestic and overseas editions and reports on them are made in the regional and international conferences and symposiums.

Professor- teaching staff: