P.h.d. Head Lecturer Jafarova Yegana Nuraddin

Was born on the 4th of March in Baku.

In 1996 she finished Baku City School number 5.

In the same year she entered the faculty of non-commodity goods merchandising in the Institute of Merchandising & Commersion, and in 2000 she got her bachelor degree in ASEU (Azerbaijan State Economic University), and in 2002 her Master’s degree programme with Distinction.

In the year 2002 she became the department assistant of the University’s “Consumption goods’ quality expertise” Department and in 2013 she became the head lecturer there.

In 2013 she uphold the thesis of ANKPI nomination and became P.h.d.

she is a member – Secretary of the   Board of Master’s thesis defense.

She is the author of 32 research papers  (14 thesises, 8 articles, 5 typical programs, 1 methodical help program, 4 textbooks).

She is married and has two children.