In 2020, the department of “Food Technology” was abolished.

On 19.10.2020, the departments of “Expertise of consumer goods”, “Standardization and certification”, “Food technology”, “Technological machines and field equipment” and “Physics and chemistry” of the faculty of “Expertise and Standardization” were abolished. The faculty of  “Engineering ” and the department of “Engineering and applied sciences ”  were established.


The employees of the Department participated in the II Plov Festival

The II International Plov Festival was held on December 11, 2015 by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the National Culinary Association of Azerbaijan. The festival was organized in the “Serin”( “Cool”) wedding palace. Employees of the Departments of Design and Technology of Food Products – N.Kh.Rahimov, A.Gurbanova, E.M.Omarova, M.H.Maharramova, S.M.Maharramova and M.Yusifova actively participated in the festival. The purpose of the festival is to get acquainted with the rice culture of different countries and familiarize foreign guests with the porch of the Azerbaijani cuisine. At the festival, different kinds of Turkish, Indonesian, Iranian, Saudi Arabian, Tajik, Uzbek, Indian, Korean plovs were demonstrated. In the end, the President of ANKA Tahir Amiraslanov gave detailed information about rice culture.

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Assistant Professor of UNEC research Technological Characteristics of Foodstuff (27.04.2017)
UNEC Graduates: “The Knowledge obtained at the university is very useful in the working process” (21.04.2017)
UNEC Students are to pass an Internship in “Az-Granata Juice and Wine Processing Plant” (31.10.2016)
Scientific Seminar held at UNEC (26.05.2016)
UNEC Staff at the Exhibition of “WorldFood Azerbaijan” (20.05.2016)
UNEC Students become familiar with Swiss Cuisine  (19.04.2016)
ASUE Employee in the International Scientific and Technical Conference (04.05.2015)

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About the chair

The department has been operating since June 1996. In 1996-2000, more than 10 specialties and vocational subjects were taught here at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. Among them are the technology of food industry products, the theoretical foundations of catering technology, technological design of catering establishments, food physiology, food microbiology, technical microbiology, sanitation and hygiene, etc.  During the years of its existence, the department conducted staff training in three specialties. In 2000, on the basis of the same department, a new department was established – “Technology of bakery products and field equipment” (the head of the department was previously Assoc. Prof. H.S. Mustafayev, then G.A. Abbasbeyli). Therefore, the department of “Food Technology” continued to train only two specialists in the field of food technology and artistic design and design in the food industry and catering system.

Later, another department was separated from this department and the department of “Technology of meat, fish and dairy products” was established (head prof. R.A. Aliyev). For a long time (since its establishment until 2009) the department was headed by Candidate of Technical sciences, Assist. Prof.   N. H. Gurbanov.

The department closely cooperated with a number of universities and scientific institutions of the republic and abroad. Among them are Moscow Academy of National Economy named after Plekhanov, Kiev University of Commerce and Economics, Mogilev Institute of Technology, All-Russian Food Institute, Malta Culinary Association, Azerbaijan Technological University, Azerbaijan National Culinary Center, etc.

During its existence, the department has published textbooks and numerous scientific articles. Several employees of the department collaborate with various fields of production, including the Turkish company “Baba” in Khirdalan, the company “Serin” in Baku, the Pharmaceutical Union of the Ministry of Health and others.

In 2009, the departments of “Technology of bakery products and field equipment” and “Technology of fish, meat and dairy products” merged and continued to operate as the department of “Technology of food products”. In 2005-2016, the department was headed by Assoc. Prof. G.A. Abbasbeyli. Currently, the department is headed by Assoc. Prof. by M. Maharramova.

Here bachelors and masters are being trained on the field  of “Food Technology” (currently specialty “Food Engineering”), “Catering technology”, “Artistic design and layout in the food industry and catering system” (design), “Technology of bread, pasta, bakery products and food concentrates”, “Technology of meat and meat products”, “Technology of fish and fish products”, “Technology of food products”, “Technology of winemaking and fermentation”, “Technology of milk and dairy products.

There are “Technology of mass food production”, “Research and quality control of mass food products” laboratory, “Artistic design of food industry and catering products” and “Research problem laboratory for postgraduate students, dissertators and masters”, “Technology of bakery products”, “Technology of meat and fish products ” and other labs at the department.



As a rule, production and other experiments are carried out in advanced catering and food industry enterprises, including the “Bismak” food industry complex, the Baku Champagne Plant, as well as  Azerbaijan National Culinary Center.

The department has established relations with the Kiev National University of Commerce and Economics, Mogilev Food University, Institute of Food Technology and Food Chemistry of Technical University of Berlin, Moscow State University of Food Technology, Pyatigorsk University of Technology, Azerbaijan University of Technology.

Most of the materials of the department’s employees dedicated to food technologies, processes and devices, their ethnography have been published outside the country – in the United States, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries. Most of the scientific work was devoted to the technology of production of functionally important food products and the creation and research of equipment and apparatus in this field. Employees of the department received grants in the field of science, participated in international scientific competitions.

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